Jason Vedadi: Successful Entrepreneur Finds Time to Help Worthy Organizations

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Jason Vedadi is a well-rounded individual with varied interests. From childhood, Jason has enjoyed the game of golf and has worked tirelessly to become a competitive golfer. In addition, since high school, Vedadi has participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, a respected organization that pairs at-risk youth with older mentors in an effort to positively influence their young lives. What’s more, Vedadi is a hugely successful entrepreneur who runs his own company, Titanium Builders and Development.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization isn’t the only one that benefits from Vedadi’s help. Vedadi has been donating to the Children’s Miracle Network since attending the University of Montana. During his years there, he and his Sigma Chi fraternity gave generously to Children’s Miracle Network, a national organization that raises critical funds for children’s hospitals around the country. Now that Jason Vedadi runs his own successful company, he’s able to continue to help these worthy organizations even more.

Jason Vedadi’s business, Titanium Builders and Development, is a building company that specializes in taking care of every aspect of a project from the ground up. His business has renovated boutique hotels, constructed retail offices and developed large planned communities. Vedadi’s growing company now serves several states, including Montana, Washington, Arizona, Idaho and North Dakota.

When he can escape from his busy company, Vedadi takes off to explore new countries. He’s visited the Red Square in Russia, the Colosseum in Rome, Anne Frank’s home in Amsterdam and the pyramids in Cairo Egypt. He’s even camel trekked in the deserts of Morocco.

Despite running his busy company and traveling to far off places, Vedadi still finds time to pursue one of his greatest passions: golf. He earned the coveted amateur golfer status and competes in many United States Golf Association tournaments. Both on and off the course, Jason Vedadi demonstrates how hard work and determination translate into success.

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